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  • Title: 8 key areas to maximise your herd's fertility

  • Category: Reproduction

  • Date: Monday, 30 April 2018


Use this worksheet to help decide what areas you should focus on to maximise your herd's fertility.

Calving pattern

Was my calving pattern fast enough?
% cows not calved after week 6 ………………….

Who was a late calver and can I pull her forward this year?

Is my calving date right for my farm system?

Heifer Management

Are my heifers 60% of expected mature live-weight at 15 months?

How do first calvers get in calf compared to the older cows?

Is the mating plan/ heat detection strategy for the yearling heifers robust?

Nutrition and body condition

Will the cows be at BCS target at mating start?

What are the biggest risks around feeding through mating, and how will I deal with them?

Are there lessons to be learned from cow condition at calving this year?

Heat detection

How was heat detection accuracy last year? Did we miss or invent any heats last year?

When will I cover heat detection refreshers?

What is the plan for using heat detection aids?

Is everyone familiar with the AIM principle? (AIM – apply, interpret, maintain?)

Identifying, drafting, mating facilities and procedures all sorted.

Service bulls

How many service bulls do I need?

What was the empty rate like last year?

Do I need to talk to my vet about suitability, risks of a single bull, disease testing, or synchrony cover?

When will they go into the herd?. Eg.after …….. inseminations, or ……………. date? What will be my total mating length?

AB practices and genetics

Is my bull choice going to meet my breeding goals?

Am I well set-up for the AI technician or have I done a DIY course refresher recently?

What will be my total mating length?

Non-cycler issues

Who are the cows at risk of not cycling?

What is my plan for identifying dealing with these - short and long term?

Note: Risk groups include - thin, sick, lame, young, late calving or Friesian cows

Cow health

Does disease affect my herd fertility?

Are all the cow mineral requirements being met?

Do I know the herd health status for significant diseases? E.g. BVD, JD

What is my biosecurity plan to keep disease out?

Does the vet need to create a health plan?