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News & Events

News & Events

Autumn rotation plan - are you on the right path?

John Tobin, LIC Ireland’s Systems Manager, provides some grass management advice on quality spring regrowth.

Exciting project in Germany

LIC Europe is working with New Zealand companies, Gallagher and Waikato Milking Systems, on a unique project started by Irish farmers, Paul and Stephen Castello, in Germany. The Castello’s have invested in a 1600ha unit just south of Brandenburg. The farm is unique to the area, aiming to produce pasture-based milk for local consumers.

How to manage a dry summer

John Tobin, LIC Ireland’s Systems Manager, gives a few grass management tips to deal with the current dry spell.

Do you have enough cows in-calf?

By now you’re probably several weeks into mating. After a couple of full-on months since the start of calving, you might be contemplating finishing AI sooner than originally planned. Before you make your decision, there are three key questions to consider.

How to improve heat detection efficiency

Selecting cycling cows for mating and identifying non-cycling cows for intervention is crucial to maximising pregnancy rates during mating.

Tips for pre-mating this season

Mating time is one of the most important few months of the year for farmers. Success here means sustainability and productivity for years to come.

Tips for a stress free calving season

As the Christmas and New Year celebrations end, our focus turns to preparing for the busy season ahead. Taking some time now to plan for the season ahead can save you a lot of time and unwanted stress later.

Is your herd ready for dry-off?

“It takes your first calvers 10 days longer to recover from calving time to start cycling again, so keeping heifers to target weight is critical,” says LIC Ireland systems manager, John Tobin.

Well-grown heifers are a good investment

In order to be successful in sport, the aim of the game is to win. The same applies to growing your heifers. You want to be winning those liveweight growth matches every month.

Free event - stay in the black while going green

Come and discover how LIC can help you develop strategies to make you sustainable while keeping you in profit.

Leading Scientists are Backing Jersey Crossbreeding

Crossbreeding is an effective way to improve the average EBI herd, according to two herd improvement scientists from opposite sides of the globe.

End of mating season success: Tips for June and July from LIC’s Pasture to Profit consultants

Although there’s rain across the country most soils remain dry below the surface. This means when the rain stops a period of heat will drive grass growth. LIC’s Pasture to Profit consultants offer some tips as the climate changes.

New Zealand co-operative launches its first Irish-bred bulls to market

Genetics from the first graduates of Livestock Improvement Corporation’s (LIC) Irish bull breeding programme are available to purchase.

New Systems Manager appointed for LIC Ireland

The new Systems Manager for Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) Ireland will visit farmers throughout the country over the coming months to discuss environmental sustainability, feed efficiency and efficient cows, as the business continues its drive to help improve the national dairy herd.

What crossbreeding contributes to your herd

The primary goal of dairy cattle breeding is to increase the efficiency of milk solids production. In New Zealand crossbreeding is considered an effective way to achieve this goal. The numbers of crossbred cows are rapidly increasing in the national herd and have quickly earned the reputation as ‘easier care cows’.

SGL Hereford- meet the people behind the bulls

Behind every good bull there’s an innovative breeder with a story and LIC’s Short Gestation Length (SGL) Hereford team is no exception.

Premier Club Sales

In the interest of providing as many farmers as we can with the opportunity to purchase our genetics, all orders have been restricted to a maximum of 25% of any one Premier Club bull.

Breeding the ideal 'invisible' cow with the help of LIC Premier Club bulls

The Breen family had traditionally milked a herd of Holstein Friesian cows. However, Simon made the decision to go down the New Zealand route a number of years ago.

Seven interesting facts about gestation length

With calving well underway, farmers will be noticing the actual arrival date of their calves compared to the expected arrival date. While many will be arriving on or close to their due dates, some may be quite a few days either side of when they were expected. This could have a lot to do with the gestation length breeding values (BV) of the animals you used for mating.

Next generation of top bulls land at LIC

New Zealand’s busy calving period is well and truly wrapped up for most dairy farms but for the country’s largest supplier of dairy genetics, the annual influx has just begun with the industry’s most promising young talent arriving at LIC’s farm in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Strong start to 2018 for LIC Ireland as Co-Op plans to start breeding Irish LIC Bulls

LIC Ireland are delighted to have over 500 members already signed up to the Premier Club. Given this interest and the positive response from farmers to date, LIC plans to increase its investment in the Irish dairy industry through the establishment of an LIC Irish Bull Breeding Programme in 2018.

Profit from well grown heifers

Heifers that reach their mature-liveweight-based growth targets have been seen to deliver both productive and reproductive benefits to the dairy farmer, helping to drive the bottom line on-farm.

Why body condition score is so important

Every season is different and with variation in weather comes variation in pasture cover. This is also the case with cow condition. What should you be doing to ensure cow condition is protected through autumn and winter?

LIC Ireland reports year of growth plus new ‘Premier Club’ to benefit Irish farmers

LIC Ireland has announced they have had one of their most successful years in the Irish market to date, with growth over the past 12 months of 15%.