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Irish Bulls

Irish Bull Breeding Programme

Benefit from bulls born in Ireland, bred for Irish farmers. Bulls that are the result of high EBI cows and LIC’s premier genetics.

The Irish Bull Breeding Programme is LIC’s genomic selection breeding programme in Ireland, with the goal of delivering genetics suited to Irish conditions earlier and more cost effectively than before.

For over 20 years we have been delivering high-quality pasture-based genetics to Irish farmers. Now we are teaming up with you to produce bulls with a unique blend of leading Irish and Kiwi bloodlines.

As a member of LIC Ireland’s Premier Club, you could be a part of breeding the next generation of elite Irish bulls.

Submit your bull calves to be considered for the Irish Bull Breeding Programme or sign up to the Premier Club here.



TheForwards bulls are LIC Ireland’s young bulls from the Irish Bull Breeding Programme.

These bulls are bred from cows that rank favourably on EBI, and sired by LIC bulls that have graduated our rigorous four-year Sire Proving Scheme (SPS) that produces many of New Zealand’s top bulls.

Our breeding experts examine the bulls’ pedigree, physical attributes and dam performance to increase the accuracy of delivering genetics that will improve the genetic merit of your herd.

LIC’s genomic evaluation model is also used to provide an estimate of a bull’s genetic quality at a young age.

Genomic breeding programmes provide genetics much earlier than traditional sire proving programmes so with TheForwards bulls you have the chance to fast track genetic gain in your herd.


TheForwards Bulls

Sierra x Lord Brian x Mint-Edition

Ireland Breeding Values ICBF: Jan 2020 NZ Breeding Values LIC: March 2019
EBI € 123 Crossbred F11J4A1
Reliability % 64 GBW 180
Milk € 99 Reliability % 58
Fertility € -20 Fat 28
Calving € 56 Protein kg 25
Beef € -42 Milk kg 455
Health € -5 Liveweight kg 14
Maintenance € 24 Fertility % 0.3
Management € 11 Somatic cell count -0.112
Milk kg -51 Longevity 542
Fat kg / % 17 / 80 Body Condition Score 0.07
Protein kg / % 10 / 0.20 Overall opinion 0.36
Calving interval 1.87 Capacity 0.08
Survival 0.3 Udders overall -0.15
Calving difficulty 1.9 Dairy confirmation 0.20

Prelude x Lord Brian x Mint-Edition

Ireland Breeding Values ICBF: Jan 2020 NZ Breeding Values LIC: March 2019
EBI € 129 Crossbred F10J5A1
Reliability % 59 GBW 150
Milk € 57 Reliability % 54
Fertility € 42 Fat 24
Calving € 40 Protein kg 29
Beef € -33 Milk kg 376
Health € -7 Liveweight kg 39
Maintenance € 26 Fertility % -0.5
Management € 4 Somatic cell count 0.201
Milk kg -351 Longevity 542
Fat kg / % 8 / .80 Body Condition Score 0.10
Protein kg / % 1 / 0.19 Overall opinion 0.50
Calving interval 1.98 Capacity 0.36
Survival 1.38 Udders overall 0.51
Calving difficulty 2.2 Dairy confirmation 0.19

As the breeding programme is in its first year, pricing is competitive and there is only a limited amount of straws available.

To order or for advice on how to use TheForwards bulls as part of your breeding programme, contact your LIC Ireland breeding advisor.