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  • Title: Best time to mate

  • Category: Heat detection

  • Date: Friday, 5 October 2018


Cow behaviour, observation and heat detection

Getting the right cows mated at the right time is essential to maximise your herd’s 6 week in-calf rate.

Not sure if she's on heat?

Draft her out into the bulling mob after milking and look for further signs
of heat.
Record a ‘?’ beside weak or uncertain heats.
Inseminate her if reasonable signs of heat are present and:
- she has no previous matings, or;
- she was last mated more than 20 days ago, or;
- she was mated less than 20 days ago and her last insemination
was marked ‘?’

Review heat detection if:

- If more than 10% of heats are marked ‘?’
- If more than 13% of heats are less than 18 days apart